gary lachance

Gary Lachance

Spiritual Advisor

Gary Lachance has been a tireless advocate of Radical Decentralization for nearly a decade. He believes wholeheartedly that this movement has the power to unlock humanity’s full potential and catalyze a magnificent new era that will maximize freedom, creation and loving connection.

His advocacy work includes: writings, films, and other creative projects, including a “Dialogues On Decentralization” speaker’s series at Burning Man that helped turn thousands on to these revolutionary new ideas and ideals.

But that’s not all!

For the past eight years, Gary has been operating the Decentralized Dance Party; a uniquely powerful demonstration of what a Decentralized future might not only look, but feel like.

This open-source Party concept uses an FM radio transmitter to beam music out to hundreds of vintage boomboxes, creating a mobile, synchronized soundsystem.

This uniquesly transcendent technology has united hundreds of thousands worldwide in revolutionary acts of shared experience.

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Sessions with Gary Lachance

February 3, 2018