jake kobrin

Jake Kobrin

Internationally recognized for his dynamic artwork, especially among transformational festivals such as Burning Man and Boom Festival in Portugal, Jake Kobrin has shared stages with some of the most prominent psychedelic soundsmiths of our time, channeling visions to audiences of thousands of altered onlookers on nearly every continent of the globe. Having a profound respect for the great master visionaries of the past, Jake Kobrin is a notable continuation in a prestigious lineage of mystic painters including his friend and mentor Alex Grey, Ernst Fuchs, Gustav Moreau, and WIlliam Blake. His deep admiration for the classics led Jake Kobrin on a pilgrimage through Europe to study rigorous traditional drawing and painting practices, investing thousands of hours in front of histories greatest masterpieces at the most significant museum collections on the continent. He has also trained at the esteemed Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy with Maestro Michael John Angel, as well as the Academy of Visionary Art in Vienna, Austria. Always been one to have a close relationship with his shadow, his artwork is forever his sanctuary, and during periods of deep exploration and soul cartography he has fostered a hermit-like dedication for visual art that has only grown throughout his life. In 2016 he founded the jewelry and fashion company Medicine Dragon Designs and he has exhibited his paintings in renowned galleries throughout the world in cities as diverse as San Francisco, Ubud, and Paris. Prone to wanderlust, he is a digital nomad and global citizen and believes in leading an open relationship with life and it’s many places. Visionary painter, designer, and multimedia creative manifestor Jake Kobrin was born upsidedown in the psychedelic utopia of San Francisco in 1993.

Sessions with Jake Kobrin

February 3, 2018

10:00 pm  -  3:00 am