Alan Schuerman

Santiparro means “the lens that sees many things not usually seen.” It was a name given to Alan Scheurman in 2010 during a pilgrimage with a Wixatari (Huichol) family to Wirikuta – the sacred desert where Peyote originates. Scheurman grew up in the Detroit indie music scene and moved to Brooklyn following a spiritual awakening in 2007. There, he contributed to the founding of an intentional community and educational center called Golden Drum under the guidance of shaman and spiritual teacher Maestro Manuel Rufino. Scheurman spent the next seven years centering himself in shamanic rites and initiation making frequent pilgrimages to visit and study with elders in North, Central and South America. Scheurman’s brand of psychedelic folk is the direct result of total immersion into ceremonial living.

Sessions with Santiparro

February 3, 2018

4:20 pm  -  5:00 pm